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Table 7 Measurement Scale Items

From: Does sociability quality of web-based collaborative learning information system influence students’ satisfaction and system usage?

Code Items
System QualityAdapted from (Balaban et al. 2013; DeLone and McLean 2003; Mohammadi 2015)
 SQ_1 Web-Based Collaborative Learning Information System (WBCLIS) is easy to use.
 SQ_2 WBCLIS includes necessary functions for managing my collaborative learning.
 SQ_3 The functionalities of WBCLIS were very useful for my collaborative learning.
 SQ_4 WBCLIS provides flexible and interactive features.
 SQ_5 WBCLIS is user friendly and reliable.
 SQ_6 WBCLIS provides adequate functions for reflection and knowledge building tasks.
 SQ_7 WBCLIS provides a well-structured, guided and collaborative learning environment.
 SQ_8 It is easy for me to use and understand various features of WBCLIS.
 SQ_9 I can easily interact with WBCLIS.
Information QualityAdapted from (Balaban et al. 2013; DeLone and McLean 2003; Martins et al. 2018)
 IQ_1 WBCLIS provides all the contents and information required for my collaborative learning practice.
 IQ_2 WBCLIS provides up-to-date learning content and information.
 IQ_3 The information provided by WBCLIS is concise and relevant.
 IQ_4 WBCLIS provides comprehensive information, which I exactly want for my collaborative work.
 IQ_5 WBCLIS provides readable, clear, well formatted and easy to understand information.
Service QualityAdapted from (Balaban et al. 2013; DeLone and McLean 2003; Wang and Liao 2008)
 SRQ_1 In case of any difficulty in using WBCLIS, I was provided with quick online assistance.
 SRQ_2 IT department facilitates me, when I face any difficulty while using WBCLIS.
 SRQ_3 WBCLIS is compatible with other technologies I have used.
 SRQ_4 A technical staff is available, to provide help for using WBCLIS.
 SRQ_5 Teachers are always willing to help, and answer my queries, regarding WBCLIS.
Sociability QualityAdapted from (Gao et al. 2010; Junglas et al. 2013; Kreijns et al. 2007; Yamada et al. 2016)
 SOC_1 WBCLIS has enabled me to easily contact with my group members.
 SOC_2 WBCLIS provides an excellent communication platform for social interaction.
 SOC_3 WBCLIS facilitates the sharing of information and documents with my group members.
 SOC_4 The use of WBCLIS, has enabled me, to become a well performing team member of my group.
 SOC_5 I feel confident and comfortable, while participating in the collaborative discussions, through WBCLIS.
 SOC_6 I can easily communicate my ideas / opinions, using WBCLIS during online collaborative work.
 SOC_7 WBCLIS facilitates me, in developing healthy working relationships, with my teammates.
 SOC_8 WBCLIS also enables us to create a sociable environment, for non-task related conversation.
System UseAdapted from (Alzahrani et al. 2017; Balaban et al. 2013)
 SU_1 While using WBCLIS, I use available features for group reflection.
 SU_2 In my personal experience, I am very likely to use WBCLIS.
 SU_3 While using WBCLIS, I collaborate with my peers and teachers.
 SU_4 I use many functions of WBCLIS, during collaborative learning project.
User SatisfactionAdapted from (Balaban et al. 2013; DeLone and McLean 2003)
 US_1 I find WBCLIS useful for collaborative learning.
 US_2 I like working with the WBCLIS.
 US_3 The functions provided by WBCLIS, are satisfactory for group reflection.
 US_4 Overall, I am pleased with the functionality of WBCLIS.
Net BenefitsAdapted from (Balaban et al. 2013; Martins et al. 2018; Wang and Wang 2009)
 NB_1 WBCLIS inspires me to develop positive attitude for group reflection.
 NB_2 WBCLIS involves all students actively, throughout their collaborative learning process.
 NB_3 Using WBCLIS aids me, to fulfil collaborative learning outcomes.
 NB_4 Using WBCLIS helps me, to make connection between informal (i.e. learning at community service site) and formal (i.e. learning in classrooms) learning experience.
 NB_5 The WBCLIS helps teachers, to conduct guided collaborative reflection activities.
 NB_6 My class performance is enhanced by using WBCLIS.
 NB_7 Use of WBCLIS promotes critical thinking skills and collaborative knowledge building.
 NB_8 Use of WBCLIS leads to increased transparency in collaborative learning process.
 NB_9 Use of WBCLIS encourages discussion and negotiation, to develop a shared understanding.
 NB_10 WBCLIS has enhanced my interaction with my peers and my teachers.
 NB_11 I feel competent to collaborate with others using WBCLIS.
 NB_12 WBCLIS enables me, to critically analyze my practical experience, for developing new comprehensions.
 NB_13 I can monitor my individual progress (i.e. personal growth) and group progress using WBCLIS.