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Table 3 Factor structure of students’ attitudes to technology

From: Bringing technology to the mature classroom: age differences in use and attitudes

Item contentFactor
I am easily able to learn new technology skills.952 
I am good at using technology.926 
I generally feel confident working with technology.925 
I feel comfortable using technology.865 
I find it easy to get technology to do what I want it to do.840 
I am comfortable using technology I have chosen in my home.720 
When I use computers, I feel in control.672 
I feel I need more training to use technology properly.590 
I learn more rapidly when I use technology .749
The use of technology increases my motivation to study .729
The use of technology makes a course more interesting .696
Technology can help me organise my studies .663
Technology allows students to learn at their own pace .646
Technology allows me to learn wherever I need to .614
Technology stops me from being bored .497
Technology makes my study activities more personal and my own .468
I would like to know more about technology generally .414
  1. Note. Rotated pattern matrix by principal axis factoring, with promax rotation and Kaiser normalisation; rotation converged in 3 iterations