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Table 3 Items

From: Feelings of satisfaction in mature students of financial accounting in a virtual learning environment: an experience of measurement in higher education

Self-perception of generic skills
 GS1 My ability to solve problems
 GS2 My analytical skills
 GS3 My ability to work in a group
 GS4 My written communication skills
 GS5 My ability to plan my own work
Students’ perception on satisfaction related to e-learning process
 STF1 I have learned a lot with the course of Financial Accounting (Tourism)
 STF2 I do not regret the time invested in this subject
 STF3 I feel that I have learned useful knowledge for business management
 STF4 I have had a feeling of reaching achievements in my learning as I progressed
 STF5 I would encourage others to take the subject
Students’ perception on virtual learning environment
 VLE1 E-learning encourages more active learning than traditional classes
 VLE2 I enjoy using personal computers and similar devices
 VLE3 My experience in using electronic devices (computers, tablets, smart phones ...) has helped me move in the virtual space of the subject
 VLE4 I usually use electronic devices in virtual environments
 VLE5 I do not feel intimidated in virtual learning environments (e-learning)
 VLE6 In a virtual classroom I feel more comfortable than in a face to face classroom
 VLE7 The e-learning allows you to learn at your own pace
  1. Source: own development