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Table 3 Feedback of OER-based blended learning methods

From: Promoting open educational resources-based blended learning

Positive feedback Negative feedback
• OER materials are very helpful for learning
• Learners and facilitators can interact virtually which is very comfortable
• Can be adopted in many courses with the technology enhancement
• Learners enjoy learning using OER
• OER is Anytime anywhere learning is easy and interesting. OER is simply best
• Learners can learn using modern technological advancements.
• Can improve the learner’s abilities such as reading, writing and analyze
• Less cost for developing physical infrastructure – can improve the quality of lesson learning materials when using OER
• Depends, if only the courses are developed interactively students are able to enjoy the learning
• Sometimes it is not motivating because learners do not get the physical connections with the teachers – cant get the actual feeling of learning
• Learners can cheat easily
• It is very easy for the students to get away from learning and cheat the instructor.
• Need more social interactions
• Like to sit with the friends in the classroom rather learning through online