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Table 1 Phases of action research (Mills, 2011; Stringer, 2008; Ferrance, 2000; Sagor, 2010)

From: Promoting open educational resources-based blended learning

Description Proposed action in the intervention
Identify the specific problem. Reflection directed toward identifying a situation • The new concept of OER -based learning has not been introduced yet for the undergraduate learners.
• Defining the research aim, objectives
• Identify the suitable research methodology
Develop and implement a new strategy or approach to address your question • Designing of intervention course for selected student group
• Develop the OER-based course addressing the research objectives
• Designing of the questionnaire – data collection methods
• Making learners aware of the new intervention course
Decide on how, when, what, where the data collection happens • Decide on the target group
• Conduct of sample survey
• Redesign the survey based on the outcomes of sample survey
• Student notifications on the survey
• Conduct the final online surveys
• Collect the learner feedback
Analysis of data using a proper statistical method • Derive the outcomes of a dataset using proper statistical methods
• Identifying new patterns, insights, models derived from analysis
Derive the outcomes and identify the differences and new insights • Identify the differences after introducing OER-based learning.
• Discuss the relevant modifications done for the future courses
• Derive a plan of actions to integrate OER into online courses