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Table 9 Major factors inhibiting the adoption of e-learning facilities

From: The utilisation of e-learning facilities in the educational delivery system of Nigeria: a study of M-University

Codes Themes Sample supporting evidences
Inhibiting factors Attitudes of the users “Personal attitude. Some people are not used to it and they don’t want to change. Students’ attitude too. You send some things to them through mail or you give assignments they don’t access”. (A1)
“Laziness, the ‘I don’t care’ attitude displayed by students and some staff”. (A7)
We don’t care because the University do not seek our opinion before buying(A8)
Inadequate internet facility “Fluctuation in the internet”. (A1)
“Sometimes the internet access is poor making it difficult to access some e-learning platforms”. (A2)
Inadequate training “Lack of know-how and we are still new to some”. (A6)
“Lack of adequate training”. (A7)