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Table 8 Preference and ease of e-learning adoption over ‘face to face’ method

From: The utilisation of e-learning facilities in the educational delivery system of Nigeria: a study of M-University

Codes Themes Sample supporting evidences
Ease in the use of e-learning facilities At ease in using e-learning facilities “Whenever I use it I feel comfortable”. (A2)
“Absolutely comfortable”. (A4)
User friendly “Yes they are. The ones our university have”. (A1)
“It is very simple to use”. (A15)
Significant improvement “Yes. It makes the class more interesting to the students”. (A1)
“Yes because students can access lecture material e.g. video clips after lectures”. (A11)
Preference of e-learning over ‘face to face’ method E-learning supports ‘face to face’ method “E-learning cannot be a substitute it is a support”. (A3)
“I can’t substitute face to face to e-learning. E-learning supports face-to-face”. (A7)
‘Face to face’ method preferred over e-learning method “No because one may not be able to notice a confused student”. (A11)
“I prefer ‘face-to-face because its real and then you would have the opportunity to really look into the demining of the students”. (A12)