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Table 7 Adequate e-learning Facilities and lecturers level of utilisation

From: The utilisation of e-learning facilities in the educational delivery system of Nigeria: a study of M-University

Codes Themes Sample supporting evidences
Adequate e-learning facilities in M University Availability of sufficient e-learning facilities in use “It is expected of every lecturer in M University to deliver their lectures through the power point” (A1)
“Each department has its own website… they also have a platform for the e-learning… we also have laptops to aid our typing, and projector”. (A12)
Adequate e-learning facilities in use “We have enough… New facilities shouldn’t be introduced at the moment except for the consistence of the internet, then accessing of the e-book”. (A1)
“Very adequate noting should be added because we have not even utilized fully the ones that we have”. (A12)
Utilization of e-learning facilities by M University lecturers Average utilization “I would say we use it on the average”. (A2)
“Averagely used”. (A9)