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Table 4 Extract of the coding guideline

From: Online learning readiness and attitudes towards gaming in gamified online learning – a mixed methods case study

Category Definitions Examples Coding Rules
Participation (P):
yes/no/drop out
P1: was rewarded “Yes, I enjoyed it.” (interview 3, l. 24) positive attitude
P2: did not participate “I don’t need this thrill.” (interview 4, l. 20) no participation
T3: dropped out “I did not get an award once again.” (interview 6, l. 40) drop out
Motivation (M)
Intrinsic (1)
Identified (2)
Extrinsic (3)
Amotivation (4)
M1: intrinsic “That was interesting for me.” (interview 2, l. 15) assigned criteria for regulation type
M2: identified “... this is for me personally.” (interview 3, l. 34)
M3: extrinsic “...if that is a duty and a must...” interview 1, l. 38)
M4: amotivation “No, am not interested in additional rewards.” (interview 4, l. 41–42) no interest