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Table 2 Resources to promote learning using blended learning environments in formal and non-formal settings Source: (Galvis et al., 2006, p. 14)

From: Supporting decision-making processes on blended learning in higher education: literature and good practices review

Type of media Formal Learning Setting (Classroom) Informal Learning Setting (Workplace)
  Physical classroom Virtual classroom Virtual Office Physical office
  Human-based, offline ICT-based, online ICT-based, online Human-based, offline
Interactive media (allow learning through interaction and collaboration between people) Discussion groups
Case discussion
Problem-based learning
Expert consultation
Role playing
Online forums / discussion groups
Interactive case discussion
Interactive problem-based learning
Online expert consultation
Collaborative games / simulations
Distributed learning communities (LC)
•Task-based LC
•Practice-based LC
•Knowledge-based LC
Online consultation
•With colleagues
•With experts
Collaborative tools
•Knowledge management
Local learning communities
•Task-based LC
•Practice-based LC
•Knowledge-based LC
•With colleagues
•With experts
Peer coaching
Active media (allow learning by inquisitive exploration of learning objects or tools) Exercises
Field trips
Functional models
Working tools
Physical search
Drills + feedback/reinforcement
Web quests
Stand-alone e-games
Stand-alone e-simulations
Digital models + data capturing
Digital sensors + data capturing
Productivity tools
Digital search / Internet / Portals/
Knowledge Management
•Individual syndication / blogs
•Group / syndication / blogs
•Organizational / data bases
Just-in-time active learning tools
Personal support tools
•Help system, wizards
Productivity tools, Working tools
Search / Internet / Portals/
Knowledge Management Individual
Handbooks and manuals
Physical search
Expositive media (allow learning by transmission of knowledge) Demonstration
Video conference
Audio conference
Digital video
Digital audio
Books, magazines
Video conference
Audio conference
Digital video / video casting
Digital audio / pod casting
Portals, eLibraries, Group websites
Shared personal portfolios
RSS Syndication from
•Search agents
•Watch lists
•Productivity tools
•Social networks
•Peer produced content
•Pod casts
•Video casts
•Personal portfolios
Subscription to
•Reference services
Non formal learning events
•Invited lecturers
•Brown bag lunches
•Video conferences
•Audio conferences
  1. ICT = Information and Communication Technologies, LC = Learning Communities