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Table 6 methodologies and research design by population scope (holistic studies)

From: Dawn or dusk of the 5th age of research in educational technology? A literature review on (e-)leadership for technology-enhanced learning in higher education (2013-2017)

Scope Number Methodology Research design Reference
Multi-institution 5 MMR semi-structured interviews, focus groups, document analysis, survey (n=348) (Cifuentes & Vanderlinde, 2015)
QUANT online survey, (n=259) (Ng’ambi & Bozalek, 2013)
QUAL Document analysis, focus groups (Domingo-Coscollola et al., 2016)
QUAL Multiple case studies (Brown, 2013)
QUAL Exploratory case studies (Singh & Hardaker, 2017)
Single institution 1 QUAL Action research (Roushan et al., 2016)
Faculty level 2 QUAL Phenomenology: focus groups, individual interviews (King & Boyatt, 2015)
QUAL Interviews (Trevitt et al., 2017)
Project level 2 QUAL practical inquiry and community of inquiry (Garrison & Vaughan, 2013)
QUAL case study (Stoddart, 2015)