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Table 1 Distribution of terms by semantic fields (We searched for all words in Spanish, English, Catalan and Galician, as well as all variations of gender and number and their respective conjugations)

From: Three paradoxes in the approach to educational technology in the education studies of the Spanish universities

Semantic Field Terms linked to the Semantic Field
Rational know, reason, reflection, knowledge, information, comprehension, understanding, opinion, thought, analysis, concept
Emotional emotion, feeling, motivation, attitude, desire, pleasure, empathy, taste, unconscious, subconscious
Information / Knowledge information, knowledge, concept, comprehension, understanding
Entertainment entertainment, free-time, leisure, fun, storytelling, story, game, gamification, simulation
Critical linked to knowledge critical thinking, critical understanding, critical analysis, critical reading, critical interpretation
Critical linked to attitude critical attitude, critical posture, critical behaviour, critical use, critical commitment
  1. Source: Adapted from Ferrés & Masanet, 2015