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Table 6 Categories and percentage of responses about learning perceptions

From: Undergraduate students’ conceptual interpretation and perceptions of haptic-enabled learning experiences

Category Percent Example of comment
 Usefulness of the learning experience 42% “Definitely helps in understanding of forces needed in buoyancy and charges. Offers a more memorable experience than simply reading about it.”
 Finding the experience as interesting 17% “This was a very interesting lab experience! I am very glad I participated and got a chance to see what future education might involve. It was also fun to review my physics concepts :)”
 Enjoyment of the learning experience 17% “Really fun! A good demo of difficult-to-recreate situations.”
 Suggesting improvements 10% “It was a good tool to use in laboratories and definitely a good way to help students learn and visualize electricity. However, the haptic device could not handle some of the forces such as the negative charges where it will shake all over the place.”
 Other 14% “These tests give a good basis for physics applications. Personally, I would have enjoyed more of its initial tests as they conveyed texture and reactive forces.”