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Table 1 Examples of SRL skills identified in students’ statements about their learning process

From: On-campus or online: examining self-regulation and cognitive transfer skills in different learning settings

Main component Sub-component Group Examples
Cognition: cognitive strategies Mastery learning DL In distance learning, I can repeat the point that I did not understand as much as I want.
F2F Online learning can be beneficiary due to the lecture videos that can be repeatedly viewed.
Metacognition: Knowledge of cognition Social DL About the online forums, participating in the same learning group throughout the semester, strengthens the interactions between the students and conveys more lengthy discussions.
   F2F I did not choose to learn from distance because it is very important for me to be able to interact with the lecturer in a direct and personal matter.
Metacognition: Regulation of cognition Controlling DL In distance learning, I do not need to adjust myself, I can learn slowly in my own pace.
F2F While learning in the classroom, I rarely listen to the lecturer, so actually, I could have learned the course from distance.
Resource management Time DL Distance learning does not limit me in time. I do not need to attend class at a specific time.
F2F DL is more suited for working people that do not have time to come to the campus.