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Table 2 Description of some of the indicators of virtual empathy on the social networks

From: Virtual empathy as digital competence in education 3.0

Itemsa Mean Sd.
4. It makes me happy if a friend from my social network has achieved something, been successful or won a prize 3.10 .676
1. I quickly realize the intentions of members of my network when they are taking part (because of their messages, tone of language…) 3.04 .602
16. It makes me happy if something good happens to someone on my social network 2.97 .685
22. When I see that someone in my social network has got a job, I feel pleased for them 2.96 .674
2. I feel good when I see that members of my social network are enjoying themselves 2.89 .612
5. It makes me sad if someone from my social network shares that they have had an accident or have a serious problem 2.89 .751
7r. I hardly ever realize how someone close to me on my social network is feeling by just seeing how he or she participates 2.87 .736
14r. I hardly ever realize, through the social network, when someone is not feeling OK 2.86 .751
13. I soon realize when someone close to me on my social network is in a bad mood 2.84 .767
9. It makes me happy when a new friend who has just connected to my social network feels good amongst us 2.81 .712
19. I feel good when I see that other people on my social network are happy 2.81 .714
30r. I think I am a cold person with few feelings on the social network, because I don't get emotional that easily 2.80 .897
21r. It makes me happy when someone on the social network says that they have been lucky 2.80 .755
26r. I find it difficult to put myself in someone else's position on my social network, to see things as they do 2.76 .707
  1. aThe negative items have been recoded inversely to express the direct score of empathy
  2. Source: Own elaboration