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Table 1 Research instruments

From: Students as co-creators of technology-rich learning activities in higher education

Instrument Goals Application
Interview • Collect students' expectations about the project and its contribution
• Measure the initial level of knowledge about co-design processes.
All students are individually interviewed, either face2face or through Skype.
Observation • To collect the discussion and work within each working group to express the three phases of the Learner Centric Ecology of Resources model During the sessions of co-design (teachers and students)
Questionnaire • To collect evidence based on behaviours and situations within each working group to express: a) the degree of understanding of the concepts, tools and procedures worked; b) the type of use and productivity of the procedures and instruments of representation and co-design support proposed; c) the joint dynamics of co-design (roles, interventions, conflicts, key issues, phases). All students fill in a digital questionnaire (with mostly open questions) when their participation in the project has finished.