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  • Special Section: Moocs: Game Changer or Passing Fad?
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The Future of MOOCs: Adaptive Learning or Business Model?

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International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education201512:12010064

  • Received: 15 December 2014
  • Accepted: 15 December 2014
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Currently, many MOOCs are designed as a collection of videos with a forum using some traditional distance learning models, but they do not promote adaptive and personalized learning. These features, together with the quality of the training process, must be the main challenges for the coming years.

These types of courses can have a formative role in higher education, not only in countries where MOOCs are already offered but also in less economically developed countries. To make this possible MOOCs must adopt different teaching strategies to promote personalized learning and offer some form of accreditation and certification.

The future of MOOCs can be understood if we approach it from five dimensions: the teaching model, monetization, certification, adaptive learning and MOOCs for developing countries.


  • MOOC
  • adaptive learning
  • certification
  • higher education
  • teaching model
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