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Bibliometric profile of RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal

  • María Teresa Ramiro Sánchez1Email author,
  • Tamara Ramiro-Sánchez1 and
  • Rubén Alba-Ruiz1
International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education201511:11030042

Received: 15 April 2014

Accepted: 15 June 2014

Published: 19 December 2015


For this study we conducted a bibliometric analysis of RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal in order to determine the characteristics of its scientific content. We analyzed 216 theoretical and empirical articles published in the period 2004–2013, using both qualitative indicators (article type, sample type, subject area of the article, author nationality, language of publication, and university of origin) and quantitative ones (citations per article, citations per article in the three years following publication, authorship index, and recentness index).

The information required to perform the analysis was accessed via the electronic, open access version of the journal (for the analysis of documents) and via the IN-RECS database. The study results enabled us to determine the characteristics of the scientific content of the journal analyzed. We identify strengths that can be built on, areas for improvement, and points that should be taken into account in future studies, with the overall aim of improving the dissemination of the journal.


bibliometric profile RUSC Universities and Knowledge Society Journal citationsindicatorsimpact index