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Educational innovation through ICTs in the university setting. What do students think of these practices?

International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education201411:11010049

Received: 15 November 2012

Accepted: 15 April 2013

Published: 15 January 2014


The aim of this article is to report on an experience undertaken by a group of students during the implementation of a programme targeting innovative students at the University of Valencia (UV), Spain. The current spread of technologies to all areas of society in general, and to education in particular, poses many unknowns about how these educational experiences are actually conducted. The aim of the project presented in the article was to get the students to do an assignment that would relate information and communication technologies (ICTs) to university learning contexts. The article therefore presents the experiences, the exchanges and, finally, the conclusions drawn on completion of the project.


information technologiesactive learningcooperative learningeducational innovation