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Learning and navigating: an exploratory study of the relationships between learning styles and navigational practices in Moodle

  • Gilles Lavigne,
  • Karla María Díaz López1Email author,
  • Lewis McAnally Salas and
  • Javier Organista Sandoval2
International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education201310:10020328

Received: 15 December 2011

Accepted: 15 February 2013

Published: 15 July 2013


This study identifies the relationships between the learning styles and certain characteristics of the navigational practices of a group of students taking an online postgraduate course in Moodle.1 These two aspects may help to appreciate the characteristics of student learning and, therefore, to guide the teaching-learning process. They may also play an important role in the generation of theoretical and practical knowledge, thus enabling a better understanding of the topic. The study confirmed the existence of significant relationships between certain characteristics of navigational practices and one learning style in particular, thus suggesting the need for a more systematic exploration.