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Table 7 Research agenda for understanding students’ behavior

From: Understanding students’ behavior in online social networks: a systematic literature review

Topic/trend Research question
Cyber victimization Is there any significant differences between male and female in terms of cyber victimization effect (e.g., cyberbullying) on students behavior?
What is the role of OSNs at different education stages such as school, college, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels in cyber victimization context?
What are the academic consequences of students who have been affected by cyber victimization (e.g., academic performance, dropouts, future carrier progress)?
Excessive use/addiction What are the factors that influence students’ excessive use of social image-based platforms? (e.g., Instagram)
What are the consequences of students’ excessive behavior on their academic achievements?
Theoretical perspective What other theories can be applied to better understand students’ behavior on OSNs platforms?
What are the psychological consequences of negative behavior on OSNs platforms?. What theories can be used in this context?