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Table 6 Summary of students’ responses

From: Understanding students’ behavior in online social networks: a systematic literature review

Category Dimension Factor References
Response Academic Related Behavior Academic performance Lambić (2016), Paul et al. (2012), Wohn and Larose (2014)
Academic motivation Wohn and Larose (2014)
Campus involvement Ha et al. (2018)
knowledge-sharing Lambić (2016)
Negative Behavior Facebook addiction Shettar et al. (2017), Hong and Chiu (2016)
Cyberbullying Chen (2017), Gahagan et al. (2016)
Excessive use Ndasauka et al. (2016)
procrastination Meier et al. (2016)
Stealing others’ private information Lee (2015)
  Other Responses Social capital Liu and Brown (2014)
Social surveillance Hossain and Veenstra (2013)
Acculturation Ainin et al. (2015)