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Table 2 Logistic regression analysis summary

From: Precision education with statistical learning and deep learning: a case study in Taiwan

VariableEstimateSEpOdds ratio95% CI
Intercept−2.880.12< .001  
Academic performancea0.300.13.0251.341.04–1.74
Student loan applicationsb0.390.14.0041.471.13–1.92
Number of absences from schoolc0.940.16< .0012.551.86–3.51
Number of alerted subjectsd1.030.17< .0012.812.01–3.91
  1. aStudents whose class ranking percentage for their total score declined from the first to the second semester of the first school year
  2. bStudents who applied for student loans in both semesters of the first school year
  3. cStudents who were absent for more than 40 class sessions in the first school year
  4. dStudents who received alerts for more than two subjects in either semester of the first school year