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Table 10 Important Features Determined According to the Gini Index and Explanations

From: Using learning analytics to develop early-warning system for at-risk students

No Feature Gini index Description
1 question_rating_count 0.083 The number of questions rated in the discussion forum
2 unique_session_days 0.078 The number of different days on which the learning log is recorded
3 unique_days_posted 0.076 The number of different days on which posts are written
4 total_posts_created 0.056 The total number of posts created
5 total_visits 0.042 The total number of visits made to the learning materials
6 total_session_count 0.037 The total number of sessions
7 tag_used_count 0.033 The number of tags used in the written posts
8 tag_created_count 0.031 The number of new tags created while writing post
9 response_create_count 0.028 The total number of responses written in the discussion forum
10 total_session_time 0.024 The total amount of time (in minute) spent in the learning environment