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Table 1 Scaffolding Strategies to Support Wiki Learning Activities

From: Design and investigation of cooperative, scaffolded wiki learning activities in an online graduate-level course

Elements Description
1. Activity Design
 Pre-readings Readings and multimedia materials designed to prepare students for the wiki learning activities
 Guidelines Designed to inform students about the purposes and requirements of each activity
 Template Designed in the form of a table to outline key aspects of a topic, and to facilitate cooperative contributions
2. Peer Scaffolding
 Cooperative editing Students created wiki entries based on existing peers’ entries
 Accessing and reviewing peers’ works & the final version Students had access to peers’ entries and the final version of the wikis
3. Expert Scaffolding
 Instructor’s feedback Instructor’s summary of an activity and identification of possible misunderstandings at the conclusion of a wiki activity
 Expert version In some cases, an “expert” version was provided by the instructor to show how an expert would approach a wiki task