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Table 1 Comparison of related work

From: A flexible online platform for computerized adaptive testing

  Platform R1–Flexible testing strategy R2–Configurable item selection algorithm R3–Flexible termination criterion R4–Integration with other platforms R5–Arbitrary item types and domains
Platforms for web-based delivery of CAT Concerto Yes Yes Yes No–standalone platform Limited–answers necessary via HTML forms
IRT-CAT   Limited–three pre-specified algorithms   No–standalone platform  
CAT-MID No–fixed No–fixed No–fixed Possible via Adobe Flash Limited–two different item types
Learning Platforms with CAT features SIETTE Limited–two different testing modes Limited–three pre-specified algorithms Limited–max. number of items can be spec. No–standalone platform Yes–via self-assessing Java applets
(Huang et al., 2009) No–fixed No–fixed No–fixed Possible because of modular architecture  
MISTRAL No–fixed No–fixed No–fixed   Discussed, but impl. not elaborated
(Duda & Walter, 2012)     Possible via service-oriented architecture Limited–different types of multiple choice