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Table 1 Google Drive list of questions administered for peer review

From: The influence of the internet for pedagogical innovation: using twitter to promote online collaborative learning

Twitter username of the assessor  
Twitter username of the assessed  
Has your partner used what you told him in your last feedback?  
[Yes; No; Partially; Not applicable]  
Number of tweets on the new hashtag  
1. What would you say to your partner for him or her to improve his or her tweets?  
2. What kind of information does your partner tweet?  
[Exposes an idea or opinion; Comments a new; Shares a resource; Not applicable]  
3. Does your partner include links?  
[Yes; No, Not applicable]  
4. Evaluate, thinking of the whole set of tweets on this issue, the following items relating to your partner’s contribution:  
 - Are they related with the content of the subject?  
 - Are they of interest for the subject?  
 - Are they of special relevance to the content of the subject?  
 - Is the information provided academically rigorous?  
 - Are the tweets written in an academic tone?  
 - Is the spelling quality adequate?  
What did your partner say about your tweets on the last hashtag?  
How have you used your partner’s feedback to draw up the following tweets?