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Table 1 Perception of the teachers and students in relation to the usefulness of the feedback

From: Written peer-feedback to enhance students’ current and future learning

Items Students’ perception (means) Teachers’ perception (means)
Feedback has helped to enhance the competencies of the student. 2,97 2,5
Feedback has helped to improve the learning process of the student. 2,86 2,5
Feedback has been useful to improve the future activities of the student. 3,14 3
Feedback has increased the motivation of the student. 2,61 2
Feedback has heightened the involvement of the student in the activities. 3,03 3
The frequency of the Feedback has been appropriate. 2,53 2
The workload for the student has been acceptable. 2,64 2,5
The workload for the teachers has been satisfactory.   2,5