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Table 2 Items for the survey instrument for coordinators and representative members of CUDI

From: Academic and research networks management: challenges for higher education institutions in Mexico

Variable Item Instrument Addressed to:
Leadership: Function and participation of governing staff in the management of the educational centre, performing a visionary, participative, ethic and effective leadership, to create a culture to support competitiveness and feasibility of the educational centre and design, implement and assess an continuous improvement system. ¿Do you enhance the participation of teachers and student through CUDI?
Do you promote a quality and collaboration policy through CUDI?
Do you promote CUDI to spread aspects related to research and innovation?
Do you favour a work culture through CUDI?
Do you promote innovative actions within your organisation members through CUDI?
Your action as a leader develops effective links with your co-workers and groups of interest?
Survey, questions with Likert Scale (LE) Communities or networks coordinators (CNC)
Planning: Way of orienting the educational centre towards improvement through definition and deployment of objectives and priority strategies. Do you plan activities oriented to be performed in a network at short, medium and long terms through CUDI?
Do you establish strategies oriented to the development of science and research through CUDI?
In planning work for your CUDI community, objectives and aims are established for improvement?
Does your community incorporate pedagogical and technological innovations to work in CUDI?
Does your academic institution allocate means and resources to perform actions in CUDI?
Planning of procedures to assure clarity and effectiveness in the work in CUDI are done in your community?
Survey, questions (LE) CNC
Information and knowledge: Form in which information and knowledge for academic and administrative management are obtained, analysed, structured and communicated to support the achievement of strategies, develop the educational centre and to promote change and innovation. Are there procedures for systematic gathering of information to be disseminated through CUDI in your community?
Does your community periodically gather information about academic and research activities for its dissemination in CUDI?
Does your community use different techniques for information processing in CUDI?
Does your community register successful practices and broadcast them in CUDI?
Does your community use relevant information and present technology to innovate its services within CUDI?
Survey, questions (LE) CNC
  Do you know whether your institution is a CUDI member?
Do you know its functions and authority?
Do you know the benefits that CUDI grant to your institution network?
What kind of connection does your institution have?
Among your professional activities, do you think CUDI network is important?
How often do you use collaborative spaces in CUDI?
Which of these services do you use in CUDI?
Survey, questions (LE) Representative members of CUDI
General Which obstacles have you found concerning management in your community? What do you propose to overcome them?
How can science and technology be articulated through work in academic networks?
How can innovation be promoted through work in a network?
Survey with open questions CNC
  1. Note: Definitions are from Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP, 2007)