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Table 2 Stages of usability engineering

From: The impact of usable system for regression analysis in higher education

Stage Element Description
Specifications Users’ analysis It is done to identify the users and their tasks, and the way they carry them out
Task Identification It is a set of techniques used to determine how users perform a specific task
Specifying usability It refers to a series of usability specifications
Design Interaction design It includes a conceptual system and a visual interaction design
Prototype Precise system prototypes are used to be easily understood by the user
User’s participation The participation at this stage can vary according to the degree of involvement, providing a User Centered Design (UCD) or Participatory Design (PD)
Evaluation Usability testing It shows the user a set of tasks to be performed with the previously designed prototype, compiling their actions and evaluation to be analyzed later
Heuristic evaluation This evaluation is based on experience of design or usability guidelines to point out the mistakes in the system