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Table 3 Possible pedagogical applications of OER

From: A framework for assessing fitness for purpose in open educational resources

Pedagogical applications Fitness for purpose rating (N = 207)
  M SD
1) Presenting relevant real-life tasks or problems that progress from simple to complex 4.04 .949
2) Gaining students’ attention and developing their interest in the new learning 3.90 .813
3) Helping students, recall, relate or apply prior knowledge, skills or experience as a basis for the new learning 4.00 .916
4) Presenting new content appropriate to the students’ needs and abilities 3.90 .807
5) Incorporating multimedia that extend the amount and nature of the content 3.96 .880
6) Providing supplementary/enhancement materials that extend and enrich the teaching/learning 4.06 .935
7) Providing practice/test/self-assessment items 3.49 1.065
8) Enabling transfer of the new learning to different tasks/problems/contexts 3.99 .881
9) Promoting students’ reflection on the new learning and their own learning 3.83 .973
10) Promoting students’ discussion and debate to construct their own learning 3.87 1.016